Friday! leaked.loved.lights. by Kari Devereaux

Remember that one time with that one photo where I brought up Kari Devereaux?

If you’re in the Bay Area this Friday night, you should join me and Sex+Design et al. at The Summit (780 Valencia @19th, San Francisco) from 8 PM—>12 AM for her new show, “leaked. loved. lights.” It’s gonna be pretty hot, you guys.

Just a peek, now…

(ps: The lady with the fiery wig? That’s my girl, Fernanda Toledo. I know, right?)

More info on the event can be found here.

Notes on 2010 (in no particular order) (no no i mean it the numbers don’t really count )

1. On the last morning, we spent too much time laughing ourselves to tears over the toe sock/fingerless glove situation.

2. On that first night I was all in black. Tulle tutu. Polka-dots. I don’t think we spoke. I think that was better.

3. Manic Pixie Nightmare

4. We toasted my psychiatrist on the roof and prescription refill day at the drag club.

5. Unrepentant Insomniacs

6. “Grey Girls” (on The CW) (of course of course) will follow the emotionally fraught lives of grad students/socialites who live in San Francisco. Or Brooklyn. “Songs from Grey Girls: Album 1” will be subtitled “Summer of Secrets, Summer of Sequins.”

7. Left To My Own Devices

8. I still show up on doorsteps, sometimes.

9. We had planned to stay in.

10. Excerpts from what may or may not have been a love letter

11. I left and walked through the half-dismantled remains of San Gennaro and thought this should feel good this should be empowering but it doesn’t and it isn’t.

12. Failure. You should try it sometime. Maybe.

13. Lucidity problem

14. Someone tried to lose these photographs.

15. Tangentially Yours

16. projects to be started projects to be finished

17. Let her take your hand again and teach you that in this new city, underground means in a loft where someone takes money at the door but never yours.

18. Whatever the mess you are, you’re mine [sic]. Okay?

19. The Girl Who Only Sometimes Said No

20. You are Chicago through and through and Florida is a no-place and that’s why we were the same way about things. This was, maybe, when we were both Northern California. This was before I became New York and you became Paris.

21. Let’s Give You Something To Talk To Your Therapist About

22. There is no on the one hand on the other. It is both hands. It is both/and. Always.

23. text yr face off

24. There is a stripper grinding on her and she shouts “I’m really serious about grad school” and I think maybe I cried a little.

25. The Mourning After

26. “I like your white hair,” she says. “I think it’s sexy.” He laughs and shakes his head. A moment later. “I like your white hair,” I say. “It reminds me of my dad.”

27. We were lucky with our bruises and paper cuts.

28. You like honeymoon me I like drunk you.

29. You would always let me in no matter what I had done. It was like being a teenager again when the window was always left open and I would climb in and tell her about my adventures. Only I wouldn’t tell you about my adventures because they were sad and that was why I was coming to you, but it was still like being a teenager.

30. Pandora’s Dress-Up Box

31. This is real this is your life I told him. Say it out loud.

32. Bi-Coastal

33. We’ve been electric forever. You said I can’t believe it. I can and you know it.

34. site to site and pool to pool tonight

35. Train of Shame

36. I am drunk and confused about what I am doing with my life so I left and (long story short) climbed into bed with the wrong you.

37. We make an exchange: The Jelly Bean Beheadings and a Slide Show Mix Tape for Nancy Drew and the Secret of Stop Lights. This is a trust exercise and everyone wins.

38. Muppet Pelt

39. One morning, the card inside was blank.

40. Twirling Song Girls’ Club

41. I buy your coffee. You buy my croissant

42. But then you swore that discovering me was too much to fit into small time and that I didn’t seem to want to discover you and I don’t know about the first part but oh oh how wrong you were about the rest.

43. Tinker Bell Complex

44. There are those who understand pillow forts and those who do not. This is not a judgment. This is a fact.

45. The Little Mermaid (SPOILER) turns into sea foam.

46. Pour a little salt; we were never here.

47. Without question

(Source: noteson2010)


“It’s always possible to wake someone from sleep, but no amount of noise will wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.”

Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals (via distraction of the day)

Nope. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anything that may have happened this morning. (Or - as some might call it - ‘afternoon’.)

Things I Don’t Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About


  • In theory? Yes.
  • In practice? No.

Photograph (of me!) from “nothing good happens after 2 A.M.,” by the remarkable Kari Devereaux. Do take a look at more of her work, which can be found here and here. Kari will show at The Summit in January (stay tuned for more info!) and is the focus of an upcoming feature in Sex+Design (which is where I work now. Have I mentioned that yet? No? You should really check it out, kids.)

(Well, no. Kids, you should not check it out. But those of you who are not kids should feel free to go for it!)

justinpoole asked:

Well arent you just a doll

Heh. Well, I do like to play dress-up. And I’m basically miniature. But doll? Hmm…

I guess if we’re talking… I don’t know. She-Ra? Or Jem? Then I could be okay with that. So thank you.

Out for the night. It’s Showtime, Synergy!

I'm sorry that you're sad. I hope you can find a smile again.

Oh I did, I did! That’s why I haven’t followed through re: the whole posting thing.

I mean, I had to compromise absolutely everything I’ve ever believed in/stood for/etc., but the smile is back. And that’s a good thing. Right?


In other news, you are lovely.

Okay, so I’m sad again.

Let the posting begin!!!

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